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Project funded under action 3.1.1_03

The company ED.CA.MA. S.R.L. has proceeded to expand the production capacity of its crushing activity, located in the municipality of Randazzo (CT), thanks to a project funded under Action 3.1.1_03 – Aid subject to publication in the RNA.

Objectives of the project

  1. Focus on service quality that distinguishes the company from its competitors and is diversified (active involvement of the client with consulting services and Proposal of the latest technologies in the processing cycle);
  2. Innovate processes in the industry by focusing particularly on the principles of environmental and social sustainability;
  3. Use renewable sources of energy;
  4. Promote the use of ICT and its quality, in the internal production process, in the use of services, and in business promotion and marketing;

The project activities included

  • a renovation of the existing warehouse and the construction of a photovoltaic system for the production of alternative energy;
  • the purchase of a mechanical shovel;
  • creation of high-visibility, responsive website;
  • consulting services;

Results Achieved

The project has enabled the provision of an innovative i.e. comprehensive product/service, supported by emerging web technologies and complemented by additional customer support services, aimed at educating, raising awareness and founded on an inclusive and eco-sustainable business model.

It is an innovative production solution pursued through new and modern tools, just think of the use of a “High Visibility” Website (it was designed and developed following the principles of “High Visibility” outlined in Law 4/2004 and can be visible by users with disabilities: blind, visually impaired, subjects characterized by perceptual disabilities), based on “Responsive” technique (the website is built and optimized specifically to be visible also on Smartphones, Tablets and mobile devices).

It is equipped with SEO for positioning (insertion of “keywords” in the Tags and content of the pages optimizing the site for ranking on Google); Social marketing etc. This allows a better exchange of information for selling products.

Another result is to enhance the environment as a “distinctive element” of the area, while ensuring, in carrying out its activities, the protection and renewal of natural resources, implemented in particular through the implementation of a photovoltaic system.